This isn’t designed as a course to get you a ‘star qualification’ but it designed to make everyone a bit safer! It is not that important to be covered in specific order unless you are a beginner.

What you need to know about and be able to do.

Activity 1

New paddlers need to feel confident so the first thing is personal safety and how to:

  • How to empty the kayak and get back in poolside.

Activity 2

  • Two types of entry into the pool. One is a seal launch on the mat. Seal Launch

On a pontoon.

Activity 3

Now we are going to look at how you can stay in the boat rather than ‘wet exiting’ :

  • T Rescue – Getting out is the last resort. (If you get out you are likely to get cold and tired more quickly). T Rescue if other kayaks are nearby: T Rescue (Hands out perpendicular to the boat is the preferred style). Practice this with a fellow kayaker. Use ‘hip snap’ Hip Snap Here

Activity 4

Forward paddling and turning:

Activity 5

Rescue someone else, or be rescued:

  • X Rescue | Assisted Rescue.

Heel Hook and Standard Deep Water Rescue. (Gordon Brown).

Activity 6

Self rescue:

  • Cowboy Shuffle Here

  • Roll Up possibly the best self rescue at sea. Here (More advanced as you will need to be able to roll reliably!).

Activity 7

Activity 8

We need to be able to communicate at sea (Might need to find better videos).:

Communication at Sea Signs


Activity 9 

Canadian Canoe Sessions.

Rolling Reminder!