Your Help Needed Now to Secure Egress Point at Staverton Mill!

If you were paddling the Lower Dart more than 20 years ago and can remember egressing the river at the Mill, Staverton…we need you to complete a user evidence form E and sign a copy of the map. The completed form and map need to be sent to Bill Hargreaves at the address given in the emails below:

As you may be aware Totnes Canoe Club have been in discussion with Devon CC regarding the access at Staverton Mill. We are trying to get the access designated as a public right of way based on historical usage. To this end we need to gather evidence from people who have used the access point immediately downstream of the bridge for over twenty years prior to the attempt to block the access. Attached is a form for completion which will serve as this evidence. Additionally any photographic evidence from 1981 or earlier would be particularly useful. The right of way may have been used by swimmers and others, not just kayakers and canoeists.
Your help will be invaluable.
Many thanks
Roger Lane
Totnes Canoe Club
Bill Hargreaves writes:
Would you be kind enough to circulate this to any members and to other supportive parties who have used the access for the designated period.
Attached you will find the map and three documents; Form E and it’s reverse side, and notes on completion. They are self explanatory with regard to completion, the exceptions being; question 7 to which the answer should be “unknown”, and question 10 where we should detail the signs and gates that went up in 2011. We have a separate form regarding ownership of the land. We have full permission to reproduce these maps and documents.
I have filled in the grid references for the start and end of the footpath, and I have taken these from the OS 1:25000 map for the area. I have marked these on the map. The map we are using is the 1:2500 supplied by DCC which does not show grid references.
If we could ask people to print off one copy of each for every person who wishes to assist us with this, and to have them fill in their own details and to complete the remaining parts of the form. They should then return them to me at:
        C/O W Hargreaves
                Hunters Lodge
                TQ9 6AZ
They should be returned to me by Monday 3 December 2012.
I’ll plough on with the rest of the forms and we can then submit them in early December.
Many thanks,